Resume: John McGaraghan
About Us

Past and Present
We formed in 1999 during the last bountiful days of the tech and dot-com industry bubble in the San Francsico Bay Area. We survived through the burst of that bubble by realizing that a small, streamlined shop with a network of alliance partners and a few top notch designers and developers could effectively design and deploy robust technology solutions throughout the industry at a fraction of the cost and time that it took to do the same thing using in-house personnel. Technology development is not always a company's full time business, and attempting to staff up internally for a development effort can be costly at the minimum, disruptive to the company's core business and competency at the mid level, and potentially the ultimate cause of business failure in the extreme. The downside of this technology explosion for businesses is the vast amount of resource investment it requires to take advantage of internally, leaving less time and money for doing what they do best. We turn that downside into an upside by providing our clients with expert service tailored precisely to their needs.

Our Value Proposition
At Downside Up Design, we pride ourselves on knowing what our core competencies are, and when we need to collaborate with some of our partners. We acknowledge that our clients have stringent business needs and often even more stringent budgets, and we consistently offer the best solutions at extremely competitive rates. We rely on our ability to work well with our own team and our partners' teams so that we can quickly and efficiently create elegant and robust products that our clients love, and that their customers can't do without! We provide value by letting our customers relax and spend their time and resources concentrating on their core business, while we do ours—enabling our clients to do more, and to let the web work for them!

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Resume: John McGaraghan
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